About Me


Hi, my name is Xuan Loke. I am 14 years old. I came to New Zealand from Singapore when I was 3 years old and moved to down South to Dunedin. Then I've moved up to Wellington/Tawa since the start of 2018. The asian side of me means that I like to be very exact and specific in everything I do. I like to perfect things before I put them out to the world. I love football and is part of the Ole Football Academy ever since coming up to Wellington. I also like basketball, sleep, and the beach. I like working by myself but can as easily work in a team. I like to contribute through ideas mainly whenever I'm in a group and I normally think pretty hard before I say them so I don't sound stupid.
Xuan Loke in Japan
  • DOB: 26/03/2005
  • Ethnicticity: Asian (Singapore)
  • Contact Details: 8xloke@tawacollege.school.nz
Throughout Year 9 and 10 I have learnt to use the softwares access, notepad++, photoshop, flowol, and other programs. I have also learned computer languages like html, phython, and css. I've also learned skills inside those programs like while loops in python or effects in photoshop.