WOW Poster

Access (database)

WOW Ticket (Indesign)

Interest (Computing)

Wow Poster (photoshop)

This WOW Poster was created in photoshop. I used techniques like snipping, cutting, transparency, blending, and others to make this.

Access Database

I learned how to manage and create effective databases to organise information in Access. In this example I created I database to organise information about subscriptions to a magazine. I learned how to create databases, forms, queries, and different techniques to organise information in databases.

Indesign Project (WOW)

This WOW ticket was created in Indesign. I used the same theme as the poster to create the ticket to, with the same cuts being used as well. I mainly used the same techniques as the poster but also used spacing to create a free flowing ticket as well.

In computing, my main interests is designing. Making things like posters, graphics, pamphlets, websites, anything involved in designing something or creating something that involves looks. I like to create and experiment so that's where my interests is at when it comes to computing.

Designer Profile Links

During building this website, I have researched different websites to gain ideas from as well. These are the websites.